How to make money with no products to sell

Do you want to learn how to make money with no products to sell? Like all things, it’s not that difficult when you know how.

Getting pointed in the right direction will help but what is the right direction?

Here’s a couple of easy steps to take, you could use either or both.

1. Sell your services …or you can…

2. Sell some else’s services or products

Do you have services to offer?

Selling your services may be quite easy. I remember when I was much younger, there was a phase in my life when I loaded a lawn mower, an edger and some big plastic bags into my car and took a drive to the industrial estates near where I was living at the time and promptly offered to mow the nature strips in front of factory complexes. It was literally that easy and I was well paid for it also.

Now we’re living in the 2020’s and while things may have changed other things still stay the same, if you know what I mean.

You could still offer your services today, services like gardening, handyman work, hair & beauty treatments, pressure cleaning, you could even be a driver if you have a license and driving isn’t such a hard gig. All these services are still in demand so take note.

What about selling someone else’s products or services?

Maybe you could build a website and promote other people’s stuff, have you thought about that? Websites are so easy to build these days with readymade themes and templates and drop and drag boxes – it’s never been easier.

What about building a website and selling other peoples products?

5 Different ways to make money with no products

1. Become a social influencer

Some people have turned their hand to starting Instagram accounts with popular topics and in doing so have managed to not only increase their followers but monetize their accounts at the same time by promoting certain products or services.


Not so hard to do but definitely needs consistency. Like everything else, if you want to make money from doing this you’re going to have to treat it like a business.

A little bit of research and you’ll quickly learn how others are monetizing in popular categories. My son is just about to try his hand at this, I hope he has success because many other do and have already.

2. Offer local businesses promotion on Google my Business


If you’re a little web savvy and are up to learning new things then helping people put their businesses on “Google my Business” could be very useful to you. There’s still plenty of small local proprietors that need a lift up to get their businesses online and get noticed and this is an easy way to do it without fighting the SEO giants about town.


In fact if you are smart and do some research you’ll discover that there’s people out there owning what is known as e-real estate. That’s right, electronic real estate. People pay to have their businesses looked after on other peoples websites and Maps sites.

You could be earning anything from a few hundred dollars a month to a few thousand dollars or more a month, and when you have that right it’s just a matter of scaling up and hey presto… off you go to bigger and better things.

This has been called rank and rent.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is time honored and a very trustworthy way to make income. It’s defined as; being paid a commission for sales of a product or service. The commissions could be just a few dollars for small cheap items or payouts in the hundreds for high ticket items.

Think – CheapTickets, Qatar Airways, TripAdvisor, Hotels Combined, even Amazon, eBay and Walmart have affiliate programs as well as many other major businesses.

Affiliates can either blog, advertise or run their own websites, by doing this they can point people in the direction to buy a product or service. The buyer pays no extra when they’re directed to their purchase with an affiliate link. The affiliate is paid a commission from the sales price.

Take a look at all the product review pages next time you’re looking at one, it will normally have a disclaimer letting you know they receive some sort of compensation for the product they offer.

4. Offer Coaching or Consulting Service


Do you have knowledge or skills? Perhaps you could offer yourself to coach or tutor in a certain field or on a particular subject. People are always needing help to learn skills and information.

Specific skillsets can earn very good money and if those skills are associated with things like website building, SEO, content writing or blogging you could offer your skills on any of the freelance work sites online.

If you have specific knowledge in a particular field you could offer that. It might be cooking, baking, menu planning, accounting, book keeping, business management or any other number of things. You’re the one who knows what you have to offer now you just need to make yourself available and offer what you have.

5. Try Arbitrage

YouTube is full of videos of people showing you how they arbitrage. This is probably one of the best and easiest ways to make money but you will need to buy products to resell, lol. Just make sure the products you buy are ones people want otherwise you could get stuck with them.

It’s not difficult to buy items at one place and sell them elsewhere with a marked up price. Basically the whole commercial world revolves around this principle. However, you will need to do your homework so you don’t get caught with the product without making a profit. You could search what’s trending?

Buying from a cheap store or when an item is on sale will give you the opportunity to make that difference in the middle when you put it on Amazon or eBay. You could even sell it in your local classified’s, now that’s a thought.


Take action to reap the benefits


These are just a few ideas that will work if you apply yourself and taking action. Of course there many more ways you could make money, but you’ll will need to search them out to find what fits you best.

We hope this little list has opened your eyes to some of the possibilities and that you will take action and follow through so you won’t have to ask the question again but perhaps you could in turn make some money and then help someone else follow on the same path.

All the best to you and please leave a comment or question if you want to learn more or have something to say.


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