The Best Paying Part Time Jobs For Retirees

There is a reason why older age is also called the’ golden years’, that reason is the huge number of opportunities you’ll get to enjoy during those years!

Breakthroughs in science and medicine, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, allow people to reach their 60s, 70s or 80s in a fit condition, making them willing to keep active and give a literal meaning to the expression “golden years”.

If you’re are already retired, with some free time on your side (who knows… you might be constantly looking after grandchildren as some others do), have reasonable health and a willingness to work, there’s a plethora of job opportunities which can keep you mentally sharp and physically active.

If you don’t have a clear idea of the many opportunities lying ahead you, check the following for some best part-time jobs for retirees. Many seniors love to stay active in retirement and having a part-time job after retiring is a great thing to do.

Table of Contents:

Why get a part-time job as a retiree

Some best paying part-time jobs

Assistant teacher

Retail worker



Event staff


Front desk or concierge


Best paying creative part-time jobs for retirees

Painting, jewelry making, wood carving, pottery…


Why get a part-time job as a retiree

Finding a job as a retiree could be a great way to use your free time to do something that you love while keeping yourself mentally sharp and physically active all the while making some money as well or it could be an opportunity to try something you’ve never done before, something totally different and exciting.

It’s also a great way to start pursuing that project you may have set aside for too long, not having enough free time to dedicate to it while working before retirement. Let’s look at some ideas to get you fired up and on a roll

We’ve put a list together below but it is by no means comprehensive or exhausted. There’s still lots of room for you to do some research and find something that suits.

Getting a part-time job is often the best solution for retirees
looking for some extra bucks while filling some of their vacant time.
Satisfying employment certainly won’t be on the list for all seniors and
retirees but we understand there ones that sometimes need to be occupied while others want or need a little extra income.

Here’s some very legit jobs to wander your eyes and mind over below. Some of them will be way out of the ball park from what you’re used to or have experience in the past.

Some best paying part-time jobs

Assistant Teacher

If you like teaching but you don’t want to spend too much time on it, becoming the assistant of another teacher might be a good solution for you, after all, nobody who’s retired wants to go back to full-time work if they don’t have to.

Assisting with lessons, preparing material to be used, and checking written texts are some duties of an assistant teacher, a job that pays around $25 per hour.

Retail worker

The variety of jobs available in a retail are immense, and some of them don’t require much effort, like keeping inventories updated, safety inspections, and incoming goods quality checks. The minimum wage as a retail worker is around $17 per hour but can be higher depending on your qualifications and negotiating skills.

Often times seniors can be more efficient and organized than people half their age thus becoming valuable help to any employer.


If you like being around toddlers, babysitting might be one of the best part-time jobs. As a seasoned parent, your experience will earn you extra points in the eyes of other parents looking for a reliable babysitter. The wage may vary widely but it usually starts at $20 per hour.

Many older mums love having time with younger ones and toddlers even if they’re just the neighbors. Not only is it time well spent it can be a great interchange and encouragement if the circumstances are right.


Local companies in your area might be looking for a driver to deliver their products or give a ride to their visitors and staff.

Having a valid license and functioning car are the basic requisites for this job, and the pay comes in around $25 an hour although it can vary depending on the employer.

Driving is easy peasy and often very relaxing if you’re not being rushed or abused by others on the road.

Event staff

Now here’s something that might be a little different. Theaters, cinemas, and event venues are always looking for staff to answer guests’ queries and give information about the facilities or perhaps help set up and take down equipment as well.

This can be a real simple job that doesn’t require any specific skill and the average pay can help make retired life just that bit easier.


Many have found that preparing food and meals as a catering service is an extremely satisfying and well paying job that requires only good organizational skills and a well-equipped kitchen. Although the wage may vary, most caterers and food workers get paid around $20 per hour.

Front desk or concierge

Hotels, resorts, and the hospitality industry in general have an ongoing need for front desk and information desk receptionists.

Welcoming guests and giving them useful information about their stay are the main tasks involved.

This is one of the highest paying part-time jobs available for retirees, with an average of $35 per hour for those that have the skills.


The main tasks of a janitor include cleaning, refilling supplies, and making sure that everything is in order in the building. Pay may vary according to the employer and amount of work demanded but it generally starts at $17 per hour.

Often times it’s not hard work but does require efficiency to keep everything in order and up to scratch.

best paying part time jobs for retirees

Best paying creative part-time jobs for retirees

If you already have a hobby, retirement might be the best period to capitalize on it by selling the fruit of your labors. Many retired people have trod this well beaten path before today and have a measure of success. Some simply use their hobby to find that extra loot they need.

Painting, jewelry making, wood carving, pottery…

Those are just some hobbies that can become a source of income.

There are several websites and online platforms where you can showcase and sell your crafts to a vast audience and build a following of enthusiasts. And don’t forget digital art if you like playing with a computer.

Usually there are some small fees to be paid when a customer buys one of your creations from an online shop like etsy or eBay and being an activity akin to art, you get to decide the price.

The ease of conducting this type of business combined with a passion make this type of activity an enjoyable part-time job for retirees.


Photographers need time to visit picturesque places and patience to wait until the right moment to shoot a picture – as a retiree you likely have both.

Buying the right gear is now relatively cheap, and through the internet you can easily find courses and tutorials about photography.

Best paying entrepreneurial jobs for retirees

The huge life experience acquired during the years and the financial knowledge you obtained from recessions and market instabilities put you in pole position for becoming an entrepreneur.

Being a retired entrepreneur is as much about managing time as it is earning the extra dollars. It can certainly be a pleasure to mix the both …and rewarding as well.


The expertise you gained through years of hard work in your field may repay you now if you’re willing to share your knowledge with other entrepreneurs and companies.

Some advantages are that you can schedule online and offline consultations according to your timetable, choose your clients, and set your own rates.

Fitness instructor for other retirees

If you are in good physical condition and have a disposition for leading a team, then becoming a part-time fitness instructor for other retirees might be a great option. Yoga, aerobics, swimming, in group or one on one – there’s no limit to the possibilities here.

Hangout in the park or at the beach training and doing exercises is a great way to swap some spare time for cash. It could be possible to even do local walking tours to help others gain goals and remain fit.

Rent stuff out

Sport equipment, cars, caravans, tents, toys, single rooms or the whole houses are just some things that can be rented these days.

If you feel comfortable with a stranger using your things, renting will be perfect for you. Indeed, I recently read of a person who bought a goat to clear his land and two years later has a thriving Eco friendly land clearing business. How’s that for ingenuity?

There are various applications and online platforms to put you in touch with people interested in renting your gear, your house or something else.


Having a lot of free time on hand might be a great opportunity to set up a small e-commerce business. Nowadays they are very easy to start, there’s no need to have a list of clients, or inventory. Through other websites you can create an online shop and start selling in a few simple steps. In fact, you could be up and running today!

Dropshipping and affiliate marketing are just the tip of the e-commerce pie. Without any need to manage a warehouse or stock people are simply selling other companies’ products online and just handle the transactions – too easy!

Best Paying Part Time Jobs For Retirees – the Bottom Line

Retirement is a great opportunity to enjoy your self and your time and do the things you love. Nowadays there are many job opportunities for retirees!

Pursuing a dream, learning something new, starting a project is certainly easier now than it was years ago.

You can use your passion and your time to create a part-time job for yourself to keep the mind active and the body healthy and have those extra dollars in your retirement. Doing so will definitely contribute those years becoming the golden years of joy.

Feel free to add any constructive comments and job ideas in the comment box below.

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